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  • Let's Talk - Your Home's Energy Use:  As a follow-up to this webinar, this resource document was sent to all registrants. It provides information and links to websites, books and articles related to home energy use. It also provides e-mail contact information for our keynote speaker and all of the members of our Q&A panel.


  • Let's Talk - Plastics Unwrapped!:  As a follow-up to this webinar, this resource document was sent to all registrants.  It provides contact information for our panelists and links to websites, videos and articles that will help enlighten, educate and motivate you to take action on the plastic problem.


  • Let's Talk Healthy Trees - From the Roots Up:  As a follow-up to this webinar, this document was sent to all registrants.  It provides links to information about how to plant a tree; selecting and identifying a native tree; the role of native trees; mulching; keeping your tree alive; and how to find an Arborist.


  • Let's Talk Plastics Resource Document:  As a follow-up to our Let's Talk Plastics - A Family Event webinar, this document was sent to all participants.  It provides tips to reduce plastic use as well as links to various websites/articles about plastic and the Region of Waterloo's "Waste Whiz" application. Information about various books about plastics in the Region of Waterloo library system is also included.


  • Let's Talk EVs References:  As a follow-up to our Let's Talk EVs - Are You Ready For An Electric Vehicle? webinar, this document was sent to all participants.  It provides links to various documents and websites with information related to EVs.




  • Save the Food website:  Get tips, tricks and other “optimal storage” information for most foods on the “Save the Food” website ( Find out what foods should be kept in the fridge, which can be frozen, and other useful tips about storage and preventing waste by using up what you have.


  • Basement Flood Protection:  The following 3 handouts are available on the "Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation (University of Waterloo) website (        







  1. Three steps to cost effective basement flood protection.
  2. Understanding water damage insurance coverages.
  3. Water on the Rise:  Protecting Canadian homes from the growing threat of flooding.


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