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Let's Talk Plastics


Plastic pollution is a growing concern.  Governments at all levels are taking action to reduce plastic waste that is harmful to all living things and is filling up landfills.  It is important for everyone to understand the problems and to learn what action individuals can take.


Kids care about plastics pollution! The Nith Valley EcoBoosters is showcasing kids at a family-focused webinar, Let's Talk Plastics, which will take place on Earth Day, Thursday, April 22, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  Although the webinar is focused on families, everyone who is concerned about the effect of plastics on the environment will want to register.

The webinar will include video and audio clips created by local kids that demonstrate their ideas about plastic.  A 

The webinar will include video and audio clips created by local kids that demonstrate their ideas about plastic pollution. A short film, "Kids can save the planet: Plastic Is forever", produced and narrated by 13 year old Dylan D'Haeze, will be screened.  Presentations by local youth climate advocate, Chase Oudshoorn, and Deanna Dakin, Waste Management Coordinator, Region of Waterloo will follow.  The program will conclude with a Question and Answer period. 


There are two ways that you can participate in this webinar:


(1) Register at


(2) If you are a student Grade 12 and under - In addition to registering for the webinar, we are looking for students            who are interested in creating a short pre-recorded video or audio clip about the problems with plastics.  If you are        interested, we’ll send you a link to “Plastic is forever”, and after watching the film, we hope you will want to                    participate by creating your own video or audio message. Does the film inspire you? Is there a problem with              plastics not presented that you want to talk about? Maybe this makes you want to “rant”? 


If you would like to create a video or audio clip for this event, send an e-mail to us at:  [email protected]. We will send you more information including a link and password to the film and a permission/waiver form.









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