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Let's Talk Healthy Trees - From the Roots Up


This free webinar will take place on September 29th from 7:15 to 8:45 p.m. It is sponsored by the Nith Valley EcoBoosters and Let’s Tree Wilmot, a project of Wilmot Horticultural Society, and will explain how to choose, plant, and maintain a healthy tree.


Our speaker Sarah Taslimi, a local Landscape Architect and Arborist with over 9 years of experience, will explain the importance of trees, how to select the right tree and put it in the right location, planting guidelines, and how to maintain a healthy tree that will have the most benefit for you and the least amount of stress.  Register for this webinar at:


Importance of Trees: Trees give shade for people and buildings; control climate by moderating the effects of the sun, rain and wind; create spaces that boost mental health; and can increase the value of properties. They also clean our air, reduce flooding, preserve soil, conserve water, and help to create habitats for insects and animals.

Selecting your Tree: If planting more than one tree, consider planting a variety of native species. Pick a tree that offers benefits to you as well as local animals and insects.

Choosing a Location: Trees should be placed in a location where they will thrive and not merely survive. Things to consider would be light, soil type, distance from the road and overhead wires, and if the roots will have enough room to grow.

Planting your Tree: Planting too deep and not watering your tree properly are some of the top reasons why trees do not survive after planting.

Maintaining your Tree: Pruning with purpose during specific times of the year is key.


This event will be the first of a series of webinars with the goal of helping our community better understand the importance of trees and how to maintain them to create healthier communities.  Register for this webinar at:









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