The Nith Valley EcoBoosters has started up a new youth-led working group called the NVEB Youth Advocates.  The group’s goal is to encourage and support Primary and Secondary schools within Wilmot and Wellesley Townships to take greater climate action. All students in Primary or Secondary school in Wilmot or Wellesley Townships are invited to join the group.

**WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE YOUTH ADVOCATES GROUP: The world is in danger. Are you doing your part to help?

Your school may already have greening programs in place, but that does not mean that the NVEB Youth Advocates program is unnecessary for your school. There is always more to learn and collaborating with other schools will provide your own school with new ideas and projects that you may never have thought of. It also allows students at your school to connect with other student leaders in the community. 

Climate change is real and we need as many organizations, including schools, to start making significant changes. Not enough youth feel that there are opportunities to engage in their community. This program gives them a platform to have a stronger voice within their school, school board, and community.

Want to know more about the NVEB Youth Advocates group?  Please watch this introductory video that will give you more details (it’s only 14 minutes long):

Do you have any questions or need more information?  Please send an e-mail to: