ecosia: the search engine that plants trees

  • Ecosia is just like any other search engine, with one major difference: at least 80% of its advertising profits are used to plant trees around the world.
  • 20 million people have switched to Ecosia to take action against the climate crisis. This growth isn’t making Ecosia rich. Instead, it allows them to plant more trees, build more solar plants, and improve their search experience by adding innovative green features. 
  • Ecosia plants trees where they are needed the most.  Trees benefit people, the environment and local economies.  It takes roughly 45 searches for Ecosia to plant a tree.
  • Ecosia has planted more than 201,000,000 (million) trees in 35 countries.
  • Instead of monocultures, the Ecosia team grows over 500 different native species where they are needed most. Always shoulder-to-shoulder with local communities.
  • Ecosia is completely transparent.  They publish monthly financial reports so you see exactly how income from your searches is spent.
  • Ecosia is more than CO2 neutral.  It produces twice as much electricity as is required for all Ecosia searches using renewable energy. Ecosia servers run on 100% renewable energy.
  • Ecosia is privacy-friendly.  They don’t sell your data to advertisers, have no 3rd party trackers, and anonymize all searches within one week. 

 Want to learn more about Ecosia?

  • To set Ecosia as the homepage in your browser, go to the Ecosia website and get the free extension for whatever browser you are using (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, etc.).