our water game

With great ideas from group members, and amazing artistic talent from our graphic artist (Jonathan Barker), we created the Water Game.  It is a fun and educational activity that focuses on conserving and protecting water.

The game has players moving their playing piece around a board and landing on question marks, positive signs, or negative signs, depending on the throw of dice.  When the player lands on a spot, another player draws a card, matching the sign on the spot, and the message on the card is read. The message has either a question, a positive action or a negative action related to protecting and conserving water.  The player moves their playing piece according to the instructions on the card.  The game can be played with one group of players or with two teams competing against each other.  Note:  Sample questions can be found at the bottom of this page.

One great feature of the game board is that it can be used for a variety of environmental themes because the centre section (where the cards lay) contains the name of the game (Water Game) and it can be exchanged for a piece with a different name and different cards.

The Water Game game has been used at various events and with students at various schools in Wilmot Township.   Note:  The game is best suited for adults and children aged 8 years and older.  It is a great activity for helping families learn about the environment together.

YES – the Water Game is available to be used at schools, events and other community activities.  There is no fee to use the game, and we will do our best to have one or more Nith Valley Ecoboosters’ members available to assist you with your event or activity.  If you are interested, just send an e-mail to nvecoboosters@gmail.com and let us know what you are planning.

Sample Water Game Questions:

  • Why should you have a bucket with you when you take a shower?  a) To put on your head to keep your hair dry.  b) To catch the cold water that comes out first so you can use it later.  c) To practice your basketball shots with the soap.  Correct answer: b – You can use the saved water for plants or flushing the toilet.  Move ahead 1 space.
  • What’s good about wetlands (swamps and marshes)?  a) They soak up water to control flooding. b) They provide food and homes for birds and fish. c) They clean the water before it soaks into the ground. d) Wow! Those are all great answers.  Correct answer: d – Move ahead 3 spaces.
  • How many litres of water are wasted if you let the water run for one minute while brushing your teeth?  a) 4 litres b) 8 litres c) 12 litres  Correct answer:  b – That’s the same as 16 disposable 500 ml. water bottles.  Move ahead 2 spaces.